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At Gage, we are the in-the- trenches, shoulder-to- shoulder type of consultants. If you need us, we will be there. And we will bring our know-how, creativity and integrity every time.

As senior-level consultants, we partner with clients who share our commitment to homework, teamwork and exceptional work.

Marlo Taylor

Managing Partner, Communications Lead

Marlo has worked in the public relations industry for more than 20 years. A veteran of large and mid-sized Canadian communications firms, Marlo founded Gage Communications because she believed public relations practitioners could still do better as consultants and strategic partners.

Gage's strategy-first commitment is at once old school and forward thinking: Let's go back to basics, making sure we have gathered all of the insights we need to develop effective strategic recommendations and then powerfully pair those insights with the contemporary tools and technology we have to support and measure our success.

As an executive and professor, Marlo shares her love of communications with her clients, team, and students every day – and is inspired by each of them to think bigger, do better and #delivertheextraordinary.

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Scott Palko

Partner, Creative and Digital Lead

Scott brings 16 years’ of creative branding and digital marketing experience to the Gage team, having managed the branding, creative campaigns and digital launches of numerous consumer and healthcare-based products and programs across Canada.

As an add-on to his digital experience, Scott has also worked on the communications side of the industry for the past 7 years and understands the critical component that creative plays in breathing life into a brand’s story. Scott operates on the idea that every successful brand has an incredible story to be told to its audience and it is the responsibility of his team to ensure those stories are heard and felt in every applicable market.

Scott is responsible for developing the PIE Model of social media engagement, which allows brands to interact with audiences via multiple strategically placed categorical narratives, ensuring influence across a spectrum of online storytelling. Scott is a former vice chair of Bluewater Health hospital and a provincially appointed Police Services board member. Additionally, he is the founder of the Independent Business Consortium (IBC), an organization that performs advocacy for independent businesses with their respective municipalities across the province of Ontario.

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Dara Willis

Senior Communications Consultant

Dara Willis has specialized in healthcare communications for almost 20 years and brings a strong background in communications plan development, client counsel and program management to help clients both develop, and achieve their communications goals.

Following Dara’s impressive tenure at one of Canada’s leading public relations agencies, she continued her career as an independent communications consultant, where she has worked with a wide variety of clients, including pharmaceutical companies, industry associations and stakeholder groups. Issues management has been a significant part of Dara’s expertise, including work on brands such as Celebrex and Meridia, as well as plant closures, change management and work stoppages.

Dara has wide-ranging experience in brokering stakeholder group relationships, clinical trial recruitment, advocacy programs, issues management, product launches, media relations and website development.

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Tina Gascoigne

Account Executive, Creative and Digital Support

Tina is a creative and digital strategist, with six years of experience in bringing brand stories to life, while executing strategies that share those stories in the digital realm. 

Tina’s expertise comes from navigating multiple consumer brands through the complexities of digital implementation while ensuring that brand integrity and brand storytelling drive conversion through social media, web and online ad buy campaigns. Tina’s ability to be such a strong brand ambassador for her clients is rooted in her commitment to relationship building and not only understanding the metrics associated with markets, the also listening to the powerful insights from the voices that make up a brand’s audience. 

Tina holds a graduate certificate from the Advanced International Business Marketing program at Lambton College.

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Ian Fader

Digital Marketing Consultant

Ian Fader is a member of the Gage Communications digital marketing and graphic design teams. With more than seven years of industry experience in sectors including healthcare, automotive, small business, and music, Ian is passionate about bringing creative ideas and projects to life, working across departments to help guide the process from brainstorm and ideation to launch.

An avid consumer of popular media and culture, Ian helps clients translate business objectives into powerful visual concepts and digital marketing campaigns that resonate with key audiences. He is adept at creating online user experiences that not only deliver information but positively engage consumers with brands and businesses.

Ian has an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Fanshawe College.


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