At Gage, we believe outstanding communication strategies come from outstanding insights. Without a commitment to research and analytics, we never fully realize the potential of a company or brand. Communications success sits where research and strategic thinking intersect.

For this reason, Gage is committed to research and information-gathering at each step of the communication process. Our partners bring decades of research experience to the asking of outstanding questions – and helping all of us better understand the answers.

Whatever your industry, whoever your target audience, we can help develop a research approach that gets to the heart of your opportunity or the crux of your challenge.

Gage Patient Direct

Developing programs for patients without patient insights and experiences seems a bit silly, doesn’t it? Patient-centric businesses and strategies need to open the door to meaningful dialogue with patients early and often – even when (perhaps most importantly when) those patients are hard to reach or belong to tiny patient populations. 

Important questions might include:

  • How do patients manage their disease? 
  • Who is really influencing how they manage their disease? 
  • Do patients know how to follow their treatment plan appropriately?
  • What information or assistance do patients need to follow their treatment plan? To make their life easier? 
  • Why do patients not fill or not repeat their prescriptions? 
  • What do patients need from information materials so they are relevant, credible and easy-to-understand?

 . . .  and a host of others we can develop in collaboration with you and your team.

Don’t be put off by what might be perceived as a difficult or frustrating patient search and recruitment process. If you are committed to reflecting an authentic patient point of view in your brand planning, we can help.


We would love to work with you.