About Us

Gage Communications is built on decades of conversations, brainstorms, late-night pitch preparation, news and resurrected ideas and ground-breaking client wins.

Our president, Marlo Taylor, created Gage Communications to be different, to challenge communication hurdles in new ways and act as empathetic and thoughtful practitioners in both business and professional administration.

With combined decades of experience, Marlo and her business partner Scott Palko merged their devotion for helping people win by conducting themselves in an intelligent, honest and all-in approach.

Gage calls Toronto and Sarnia, Ontario home. We service health, industry, small business and not-for-profit clients in both cities and partners across Canada.

Our Mission

At Gage Communications, we set out every day to "deliver the extraordinary". To do this, we rely on four guiding principles:

  1. We believe great communication doesn't need to be complicated but it should be thoughtful, evidence-based and compelling.
  2. Everything should connect our audiences to our brands and, most importantly, we should feel like we've built something – a message, a campaign, a way to engage – that we are proud of.
  3. We also believe outstanding communication strategies come from outstanding insights. Without a commitment to research and analytics, we never fully realize the potential of a company or brand. Communications success sits where research and strategic thinking intersect. 
  4. "Gage" means "a commitment to performance". At Gage, our goal is to draw on the best of our experience and expertise and then apply that to an even more exacting standard of strategy development and client services.

We would love to work with you.